Commercial Products

Products and Services highlighted for your Business include:

A WattWorks Exclusive Design! - PointLight glass inspection light source.
A special high-intensity, low-power, long-life LED spot source with special optics
optimizes finding flaws in glass.
Street Lights, Landscape Lights.  Parking Lot and other Outdoor Lighting.  Lowest
power, highest quality, longest life technologies and applications.
Indoor LED Lighting- Downlight cans, Track floods and spots, 2x2 and 2x4' LED Troffers,
Under-counter, MR16. Lowest power, highest quality, longest life technologies and applications.
Far-Infrared Heating Panels- Gentle, effective Radiant Heat,
easily installed exactly where you need it.  Also used for "Hot Yoga".
Building Automation- HVAC controls to improve comfort, stop the "Thermostat
Wars", ease maintenance and diagnosis, and SAVE ENERGY !  Reprogram existing
systems to make them work efficiently.
Design Engineering- Energy Analysis; Efficiency Retrofit Projects; Payback and ROI
calculations; HVAC, Electrical, Solar Power and Lighting Project drawings (Ohio PE).
Utility Rebates and Tax Incentives- We can document your efforts and harvest
all possible rebates, incentives, credits and deductions.
Solve Special Needs- Custom products and unique applications can be made to fit.
DC Lighting, Off-Grid systems, Dimming, motion sensing, special optics, custom packaging.

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Wattworks will save your business money:

***   Reduce energy costs with efficient LED Lighting and careful design.

   ***   Improve comfort with economical building controls.

      ***   Avoid maintenance costs by using quality products and long warranties.