LED Ring of Fire Decorative Globe

          * Made in USA by Lumecon          Contact us for Quantity Pricing.

            * 10 Year Warranty

              * 100,000 Hour Rated Life

The Lumecon LROF is a pole top LED street light. This LED light is Made in USA and carries a 10 year warranty. The standard fixture consumes 54 Watts and delivering 4692 Lumens.  The standard fixture has a net Efficacy of 86 Lumens per watt.  The standard type 3 fixture consumes 27 watts and provides 2370 lumens.   The light distribution is available in type 5 and type 3.  The use of Lumecon Enhanced Thermal Dissipation (ETD) technology increases rated life to 100,000 hours (shining 12 hours every night this is 22 years).  This fixture is mounted to a pole. Standard model is for 120VAC, optional 277VAC and 480VAC available .  Standard model is Neutral White, while Warm White and Cooll White LED versions are available.   UL Listed for Wet Locations. The globe material can be acrylic or polycarbonate.  The base can have a 8 inch or 9 inch fitter.  The finial can be flame or spike.  The last option is the lite lid, it can be perforated or cut-off.  Ratings apply over temperatures from -40F to 95F.

The manufacturer requires the installation location be registered with them. 



Lumecon LROF Ring of Fire Lit
Lumecon LROF Ring of Fire top view
Lumecon LROF Ring of Fire not Lit
Lumecon LROF Ring of Fire Installed Example
Lumecon LROF Ring of Fire Installed Example
Lumecon LROF Ring of Fire Installed Example
Lumens per watt: 
Rated Life: 
10 years
90,000 hours

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