Prestyl Far-IR heater 2x2 panel

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Far-Infrared radiant heating panels warm occupants and surfaces directly, and only indirectly heat the air, and therefore have little impact on humidity while efficiently delivering warmth where it is wanted, at the wavelength healthiest for and best absorbed by people: 7,500 to 10,000 nm (known as "Infrared-C").

Put efficient, effective heat where you need it.

Panels are designed to fit within 2' x 2' US suspended ceiling grid, but can be easily surface-mounted on a wall or ceiling using included brackets. A single 2' x 2', 400 Watt panel will warm the occupant(s) of about 80 square feet, depending upon location and conditions, such as a 10' x 8' office or bathroom, or can be used in multiples to evenly distribute heat in a larger space. A power cord comes connected to the standard 120VAC panel, but a hard-wired connection can be made if desired.  Panels can also be ordered for hard-wired connections of 208, 240 or 277VAC power.  Standard panel face is gloss white powder coat, but other paint colors and textures, as well as custom screened graphics from our licensed library or your photograph, are available as options.  The panel internal elements are protected behind the rugged aluminum face that also acts as a spreader to produce even and safe heating.  Actual panel dimensions are 23-3/4" x 23-3/4" x 5/8" thick (1-1/8" at connection) and installed weight is only about 12 lbs.

These panels are regularly used for "Hot Yoga" studios where participants seek the healthful benefits of radiant heating, while avoiding the dried air and high energy consumption of convection sources.

Panel Size LxW": 
Weight: 15 lb
Dimensions: 28 in × 27 in × 4 in
Price: $399.00

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