Magnetite Magnetic Interior Storm Windows

Magnetite Indoor Window Covers

    The magnetite windows are made from acrylic and magnetite edging. We have two different sizes of magnetite. The standard size is 5/8 inches wide. The magnet is built into the trim and is 1/2 inch wide. The acrylic is 0.090 inches thick for the standard size magnetite. If the window is large, or noise dampening is a priority, it is better to use the commercial grade magnetite with thicker acrylic. The commercial grade magnetite is 3/4 inches wide. The magnet is 5/8 inches. The acrylic is 0.116 inches thick or about 1/8 of an inch.  The magnetite windows are magnetic, so they need to attach to a flush steel surface.  We provide a 1/2 inch wide steel strip with adhesive tape on the back.  If you do not have a flush surface to attach the window to, one can be created with an angle bracket.  We can provide an angle bracket with double sided tape on one side.  You may want to secure the bracket with screws as well.  The angle bracket is available at an additional cost.


The magnetite window should be close to the size of the window opening, not each window.  If the window frame is flat, then you would need to add 1 inch to the window opening in both dimensions.  If you have a flat frame and window sill, you will need to add 1 inch in width and 1/2 inch in height.  If you are not certain how to determine the size, just measure the opening.  Then contact us with those measurements.  We will provide a quote and walk you through how to measure your windows.  You are responsible for providing accurate measurements for the actual order.  Each window is custom made.


  • Stop Drafts and Seal leaky windows; You feel Warmer Immediately

  • Instant Energy Savings; Reduce Heating bills & Cut Summer A/C costs

  • Eliminates Condensation and Ice buildup on Windows in cold weather

  • Stops 90% of Ultraviolet Radiation and greatly reduces fading of furniture

  • Install & Remove Easily with Magnetic seals like a refrigerator door

  • Less expensive and Much easier to install than replacement windows

  • Quick Payback; often pays for itself in two years or less of energy savings

  • Reduces Noise

Magnetite window installation                 magnetite window cut away view


Magnetite has been installed in more than 100,000 homes nationwide.


A Custom fabricated product of WattWorks.


The cost of the windows will depend on the size and the thickness of the acrylic.   Please contact us with dimensions of your windows and we can provide a quote.

How to purchase

If you are interested in purchasing magnetite window covers please contact us directly.  Please email your dimensions and pictures of the windows if possible.


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