Radian Grid Zero House

This install was done in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, near Logan, Ohio.  The system was configured to operate in Grid Zero mode.  The system does not back feed the grid because net metering is not practical with the local utility company.


System Specs

3.9 KW Solar Array

4KW 240v AC Inverter

22KWh Battery Bank

Grid Zero Mode

Outback Radian inverters have the ability to operate in Grid Zero mode.  This mode is for locations that do not allow back feeding the grid.  The system powers the loads from batteries, until the set points are reached.  The grid provides the first 1KW of power to the loads.  If the batteries have reached their grid zero set point, the grid will provide all of the power to the loads.  The batteries are recharged by the solar panels during the day.

3.9KW Solar Array

Solar Array

1 Array 3.9 KW

12 x 325 watt solar panels

Ironridge roof flash foot and racking

Inverter and Load CenterOutback Radian Inverter and Load Center

Outback Radian Inverter Grid Zero Mode 4KW 240VAC

80 Amp Charge Controller

Outback Load Center with Circuit protection and connections

Mate 3 controller


Battery Bank

Outback 3 tier battery bank

48 Volt 510AH battery bank

3 strings of 4 x 12v Outback 170RE Batteries


Outback 3 tier Battery Bank

Outback Radian Inverter and Outback Batteries

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