Shadow Graph Defect Inspection Glass or Plastic LED Arc Xenon LED Point Light

Very high intensity single point light source

for Shadow Graph Applications, Glass Defect Inspection, Plastic Sheet Inspection

The WattWorks LED PointLight concept uses the brightest single-chip High Power LED available and proprietary optics to maximize luminous flux in the inspection area. The result is that the etendue of the LED is not increased so the image remains sharp, while the luminous flux is increased.

LED Advantages over Arc Lamps

  • Continuously variable intensity
  • Remote control on/off Input terminals, instant light response
  • Eliminates Infrared radiation & wasted heat
  • No Ultraviolet radiation improves workplace safety, No High Voltage required
  • Immediate power-on light, no warm up delay
  • Long life 60,000 hours with linear lumen depreciation to 70% of initial Luminosity
  • Eliminates expensive replacement arc-lamp costs and downtime
  • Designed for Continuous Full-Power operation in a factory floor environment



LED PointLight Features

  • Very small etendue & single chip point source for sharp image
  • Designed for Continuous Full-Power operation in high ambient temperatures
  • LED powered by adjustable Constant Current Source
    • 0 to 20 Amps maximum for single chip (75 Watt LED) L-140
    • 0 to 25 Amps maximum for single chip (100 Watt LED) L-190
  • Maintains constant drive current despite changes in temperature and forward voltage
  • Remote Control Input turns LED on/off at preset drive current, Isolated dry relay contact
  • Digital Ammeter displays actual LED drive current
  • Adjustment knob to pre-set LED drive current

Thermal Management for rated LED life

  • Cabinet cooling fan provides positive pressure airflow around LED, reducing particulate or dust build-up on LED
  • Active cooling fans on LED and regulator heat sinks
  • Overtemp thermistor sensing on LED chip substrate
  • Overtemp thermal switch on regulator heatsink
  • Overtemp reduction (regulation) of LED Drive Current
  • Overtemp indicator lamp on control panel


Designed for reliability and quick service by replaceable modules


  • LED/Collar module with heatsink & fan assembly and wire harness
  • Linear Regulator module with system control PCB mounted on transistor heatsink & fan assembly
  • Power supply switching module
  • Cabinet with power cord, fuse, DVM ammeter, controls & wire harness to system control PCB



Model L-190-W Specifications

  • New 3rd generation 100 Watt single-chip LED & copper core heat sink
  • Twice as bright, producing 170 fc, 1827 Lux center beam  60 inches (1.5Meters)
  • LED chip is smaller, 8mm2 vs 14mm2 for a sharper, higher resolution image
  • Useful Circular Image Diameter = Distance from LED to projected Image

L190 Foot Candles at 5ft

Operating characteristics

  • Power requirements 120-240 volts AC 50 or 60 Hz, 200 Watts
  • LED drive current display, brightness adjustable from 0 up to 25 Amperes
  • Ambient temperature up to 120F for 100% duty cycle at full LED power
  • LED life 50,000 hours to 70% of initial luminosity
  • Reliable: typical 5 years of full power operation 24/7 in factory environment
  • Thermal management thermistor at LED down-regulates if over temp
  • Maintenance limited to clean filter for cooling air fan
  • Remote control input dry contacts for instant on &off switching option
    • PLC control
    • Foot pedal / hand switch control
  • Weight 13 lbs
  • NEMA ABS cabinet 16” x 12” x 6” with metal mounting ears
  • Warranty 2 years, replacement modules provided on exchange basis



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