500 sq ft Off Grid Lighting System with Solar Power Station

The system will provide 4 hours of indoor light per day.  The batteries will be at 50% depth of discharge after 2 days without solar power.


    • Garage
    • Shop
    • Equipment Shed
    • Storage Container

    Outdoor Lights



    Indoor Lights

    2 x 4 foot 12 volt 38 watt waterproof strip fixtures 4200 lumens


    Control Panel

    Solar Charger & Control Panel with NEC compliant Ckt Breakers

    Lightning / Surge arrestor

    2 x 60 AH AGM batteries installed

    Solar PV Panels

    280+ watt panel

    Ironridge pv mounting rails with tilt legs

    Plug and Play pre-made pv wires

    Grounding rod and components



    2 x 25 foot xlr cables for lights


    • 1 x 9 Watt Mini Wall Pack
    • Motion Occupancy Sensor for Lights
    • 200W 120v AC Inverter


    • Free Solar Power and reliable LED lighting systems
    • Proven technology safe low voltage DC
    • Low installation cost Plug and Play does not require electrical wiring
    • Easily and quickly deployed in almost any location.
    • NO run Wiring from grid
    • NO cuts through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping
    • NO Maintenance
    • NO Utility bill
    • Maintenance Free Batteries
    • 30% ITC Credits from Federal Taxes for Commercial uses thru 2017
    • Pays for itself in the form of reduced installation, maintenance and servicing costs
    • Reliable operation 365 days per year at nearly any location.



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